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WebAll other drugs can be sold OTC. A drug must be made available without a prescription if, by following the labeling, consumers can use it safely and effectively without professional. WebBuying prescription drugs online is easy with Canada Pharmacy. All you need to do is search for the brand or generic prescription drug using the boxes above. More than 80% of patients stated they had purchased prescription-type medication at a pharmacy without a physician's prescription. Allowing pharmacists to prescribe any drug is very rare in the United States. Some states allow pharmacists to prescribe a narrow list of medications—and often only under a doctor’s supervision. As long as the online store is located in a country that does not require a doctor’s prescription for a drug (and there are a few), they can legally sell you antibiotics without a prescription. On the other hand, you are breaking the law. But importing non-prescribed antibiotics over the internet is a very low priority for the authorities. Under the revised authorization, the FDA will allow state-licensed pharmacists to prescribe Paxlovid on their own to eligible patients. The most common reasons for buying prescription medication in Mexico were because it was less expensive or because a prescription was not necessary.

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